In the enchanting realm of smartphones, the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge continue to captivate users with their sleek design and powerful features. To breathe new life into these devices, understanding the potential of a Full ROM (5 Files) Android 8.0 is crucial. This article acts as your guide, unraveling the advantages, features, and step-by-step instructions to harness the power of Full ROM for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge – a journey to elevate, optimize, and personalize your smartphone experience.

Understanding Full ROM (5 Files) Android 8.0:

Full ROM, consisting of 5 essential files, is a comprehensive firmware package designed to enhance the performance and features of Samsung S7 and S7 Edge. Android 8.0, also known as Oreo, serves as the operating system foundation, bringing with it a plethora of improvements and innovations.

The Unveiled Benefits:

  1. Optimized Performance:
    • Full ROM (5 Files) for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge is tailored to harmonize with the devices’ hardware, ensuring optimal performance.
    • Experience swift app launches, seamless multitasking, and an overall responsive user interface.
  2. Feature Enhancements:
    • Android 8.0 introduces an array of new features, including Picture-in-Picture mode, notification channels, and improved battery life.
    • Full ROM brings these enhancements to Samsung S7 and S7 Edge, unlocking a richer and more enjoyable user experience.
  3. Security Fortification:
    • Regular updates embedded in Full ROMs include critical security patches, shielding your Samsung S7 and S7 Edge against potential vulnerabilities.
    • Stay ahead of cyber threats and ensure a secure smartphone environment.
  4. Personalization Options:
    • Full ROM provides an opportunity to customize the look and feel of Samsung S7 and S7 Edge.
    • Explore themes, layouts, and other personalization options to tailor the device according to individual preferences.

Installation Guide:

Now, let’s explore the practical steps of installing the Full ROM (5 Files) Android 8.0 on your Samsung S7 and S7 Edge.

  1. Backup Your Data:
    • Before initiating the installation process, perform a comprehensive backup of your data to prevent any loss.
  2. Download the Full ROM:
    • Visit a reputable source to download the Full ROM (5 Files) specifically designed for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge.
  3. Enable Developer Options:
    • Access “Settings,” tap on “About phone,” and tap the “Build number” multiple times to unlock Developer Options.
  4. Activate USB Debugging:
    • Within Developer Options, toggle on USB Debugging to facilitate communication between your device and the computer.
  5. Connect and Install Odin:
    • Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung S7 or S7 Edge to the computer. Download and install Odin, a firmware flashing tool.
  6. Load the Full ROM Files:
    • Open Odin, load the downloaded Full ROM files into the respective slots, and initiate the flashing process.
  7. Wait and Reboot:
    • Allow the flashing process to complete, and witness your Samsung S7 or S7 Edge automatically reboot with the new Full ROM.


Embarking on the journey of utilizing Full ROM (5 Files) Android 8.0 for Samsung S7 and S7 Edge is like breathing new life into these iconic devices. With optimized performance, enhanced features, and a personalized touch, you’re set to elevate your smartphone experience. Follow this comprehensive guide, choose the right Full ROM, and witness the transformation as your Samsung S7 and S7 Edge become powerful companions, ready to tackle the challenges of the digital world. Stay ahead of the curve, and let your devices shine with the brilliance of Full ROM magic.

There’s finally good news for Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge owners who have been waiting for a taste of Oreo for a very long time. Samsung has now started rolling out the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge Oreo update. The firmware update is currently being rolled out over-the-air in the United Kingdom and it’s only a matter of time before it’s released elsewhere.
Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge Oreo update.

Samsung is now rolling out firmware version G930FXXU2ERD5 and G935FXXU2ERD5 for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge respectively in the United Kingdom. The firmware is only available over-the-air right now and can’t be downloaded through SmartSwitch.



  1. Download and install driver: SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.zip (15.3MB)
  2. Then, download ODIN (last version): Odin 3.13.1
  3. Download and extra firmware.
  4. Save data, remove Google account, remove passcode (or pattern lock).
  5. Reboot phone to Download Mode (Press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down), press Volume Up to continue
  6. Connect to PC (or laptop)
  7. On ODIN tool:
    BL: select to BL_G93xFXXU2ERD5_…
    AP: select to AP_G93xFXXU2ERD5_…
    CP: select to CP_G93xFXXU2ERD5_…
    CSC: select to CSC_OXA_G93xFOXA2ERD5_…
  8. Click Start and wait about 5-10 minutes
  9. If your phone is stuck on the SAMSUNG logo for 15 minutes: reboot to Recovery > Wipe data + cache > Reboot

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