How Can I Create A ChatGPT Account For A Country That is Not Available?

(Create A ChatGPT Account)ChatGPT is a new AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, capable of almost anything and everything. Be it generating codes, or writing essays and poems, amongst other things. However many reported that ChatGPT is not available in their country.

Remember, regional restrictions are in place regarding using Open AI, the company behind ChatGPT. But you can always bypass geoblocking with the proper methods. So, let’s find them out.

In what countries is ChatGPT available?

ChatGPT is available in most developed countries, barring a few, like Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, and, surprisingly, Ukraine.

The list of countries where ChatGPT is available can be found on Open AI’s official website. If you reside in any of these, ChatGPT should open right away. And if it doesn’t, it’s likely a network issue to blame.

For those not residing in a country where ChatGPT is available, the methods listed in the next section should help.

How to use ChatGPT if it’s not available in your country?

1. Use a VPN

You can always use a VPN to bypass regional restrictions, but with Chat GPT, things are now trickier.

Earlier, users could access it through a server based in a country where the chatbot was available, but it now asks for a phone number. Unfortunately, the worst part, it doesn’t seem to accept VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers.

While some users managed to get things running with effective VoIP software and a reliable VPN, we will still recommend the latter coupled with an actual phone from a country where Chat GPT is available, if possible.

Our top recommendation for a VPN is ExpressVPN which is known for its fast speeds and wide network of servers, making it popular for streaming and other high-bandwidth activities. It also offers additional security features such as a kill switch and split tunneling.

2. Try using ChatGPT in private mode

Another fix that did the trick for many was coupling VPN with a private browsing mode (Incognito mode in Chrome).

Try using a server based in the USA or France when configuring the VPN and a number from the same region to sign in, all while using Chrome’s Incognito Mode or a similar mode in another browser.

3. Contact the support team

If you are based in a country where Chat GPT is available, but the screen still reads, Open AI’s services are not available in your country, contact the OpenAI’s support team.

They should be able to help identify the underlying cause and provide a resolution. Until then, you can use a friend’s Open AI account and Chat GPT in your country, even if it’s unavailable. Just remember to use a VPN.

4. Rent a phone number to receive SMS

Preparation steps to create an account need:

  • An email address (Gmail is recommended because of its popularity and ease of creation and manipulation).
  • Web browser extension program to change VPN (virtual private network), for example, TunnelBear on Google Chrome.
  • Overseas phone number to receive SMS with activation code.

After obtaining an email address, users can begin creating an account on the TunnelBear extension for the Chrome browser. In the VPN activation section, select a server located in one of the supported countries such as Germany, USA, Japan, Canada, or Australia. OpenAI supports these countries and does not block access. Once the VPN activation is complete, proceed to the next step.

ChatGPT account registration page interface.

Once the preparation process is finished (including obtaining an email address and turning on the VPN through a supported country), users can start creating a ChatGPT account by visiting ( and entering the required information, including the email address. After clicking the “register” button, the system will send an email with an authentication link to the email address provided by the user.

Users should click on the authentication link included in the email to verify their email address. They will then be directed to a phone number verification step. It is necessary to enter a phone number from one of the countries that OpenAI supports for account creation.

There are several free and paid options available online for users to obtain virtual phone numbers from foreign countries. While there are websites that offer this service for a fee, not all of these phone numbers may work or receive activation messages from OpenAI. Additionally, during high demand for ChatGPT, these free websites can become overwhelmed.

For a paid solution, users can try ( The website requires creating a free account, but renting a phone number to receive OpenAI’s activation SMS will incur a cost. Users with a personal account with international payment capabilities (such as a debit or credit card) can easily use this service. The cost is approximately 2 USD.

The website will offer the option to rent a phone number for a specific service. On the interface, select “Search by Service name” and type “OpenAI”. In the “Select a Country” section, choose one of the supported countries mentioned above and click “Rent”. The subscriber will receive a phone number to use on OpenAI’s registration page.

The message will contain a return activation code stating “Your OpenAI API verification code is: X “, where “xx” is a random 6-digit one-time password (OTP) for authentication. Upon completion of this step, the user will have successfully registered for a ChatGPT account and will be able to start using it.

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