Genshin Impact: In Which To Come Across Tthe Outdated Stone Slates In Inazuma

(Genshin Impact:) Genshin Impact just acquired its most significant update yet, allowing players to vacation to Inazuma, the country of the Electro Archon. As you vacation via Inazuma for the initial time, you will promptly be overwhelmed with new quests and missions, as well as a substantial addition to the map to discover. The Farmer’s Treasure quest will have you trekking throughout that map in search of aged stone tablets on the assure of impressive treasure from a shady character. The good news is, we have produced that trek and can wander you using just about every step of this quest. If you are taking part in Android, it doesn’t support controllers at this time, but we are hoping you can use some of the ideal Android gaming controllers faster rather than afterward to acquire your match to the future stage.

The Farmer’s Treasure

Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Mission Complete Loot

The Farmer’s Treasure is an entire world quest in the most recent nation of Genshin Influence, Inazuma. Finishing the quest will get paid you 60 Primogen, 500 Journey EXP, a Northlander sword billet, and the Saimon heirloom blade diagram, on best of loads of loot along the way. The Saimon heirloom blade style allows you to craft the Amenoma Kageuchi, a distinctive 4-star katana that is a fantastic F2P choice for Ayaka, as properly as the sword she makes use of in advertising video clips.


While you can find the outdated stone slates without the need of acquiring the quest, it will make a great deal far more feeling if you do a couple of items 1st. Starting up in Konda Village, there is a Lacking Folks poster and an elderly male, Saimon Katsumi, who tells you about his son who’s gone lacking immediately after currently being despatched to battle in the military. You can come across his son, Saimon Jirou locked in a cage on Jinren Island. The moment freed, he will tell you to gather four previous stone slates on the assure of splitting the treasure they unlock with you. Whilst he seems less than trusted, the guarantee of treasure will generally encourage Paimon to get you transferred.

Although you can collect all the slates to start with, two of them call for the Momento Lens attained from the Sacred Sakura Cleaning Ritual World Quest. Even after liberating Jirou, you can’t access the space in which they can be observed without it. You don’t have to entire Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual though, just get much sufficient to get the Momento Lens.

Exactly where to uncover the four aged stone slates

The 1st previous stone slate can be located on the seaside just north of the Kamisato Estate. This person is seriously easy to place and doesn’t call for any puzzles or distinctive merchandise to accumulate. Just conquer a handful of enemies on the seashore and decide it up from underneath the tent pictured previously mentioned.

The 2nd old stone slate is hidden a minimal far better, but it continues to not extremely tough to discover. In actuality, you may have already picked it up when completing A Odd Tale in Konda. If not, head back again to Konda Village and leap down to the bottom of the effectively. There you will obtain, amid other treasures, the next slate and merchandise for an additional quest, a rust-worn vital.

Genshin Impact Araumi Ruins Well

The 3rd and fourth old stone slates are tiny far more hard and demand the Momento Lens. As soon as you have it, head to Araumi. When you’ve been by this place just before, you may have noticed a quantity of Electroculus, a new manager, a new area, and a teleport waypoint, all inaccessible. This is because most of Araumi is ruins observed underground or below drinking water.

To enter the underground/below-water spot, you are likely to dive down another, substantially more substantial perfectly. Inside this perfectly, use the Momento Lens on each individual of the Earth Kitsune statues and the flooring will fall out from beneath you, major down into the Araumi Ruins.

The 3rd old stone slate is in part of the Araumi Ruins underground. You may find it sitting down on top of a pile of dust throughout an Electro dice puzzle. You are unable to get using the ruins without having this puzzle, but the slate is not super evident if you’re not looking for it.

The final outdated stone slate can be located in the underwater part of the Araumi ruins off the coast of Jinren Island. This 1 is also on top of a pile of filth, whilst it is much much easier to locate many thanks to debris from a shipwreck ideal upcoming to it. That being said, there is a good deal of loot down in these ruins, as well as the new manager, the Perpetual Mechanical Array. You’re going to want to spend the excess time buying by the ruins for all that treasure, and if you happen to be one particular of the blessed kinds to have pulled Ayaka, you’re likely to be investing a ton of time battling this manager, as it drops products necessary for her ascension.

A fifth-aged stone slate?!

Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Five

When you have gathered the four outdated stone slates and brought them back again to Saimon Jirou, he will insist that there is a fifth 1. He’ll mark a location on the map where you will come across several piles of dirt to dig up, only to locate no slate. When you return to confront him, he will be absent, but the good thing is, his new location is also marked on your map, back again on Jinren Island.

Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Confronting Bandits

When you get there, you are going to come across Jirou locked up all over again and a pair of bandits threatening him. The bandits expose that he tried to trick them very well, but they to permit you into their team if you want to enable them to get the treasure. Unnecessary to say, that doesn’t go especially effectively for the bandits. You’ll have to struggle your way by way of 4 waves of enemies (with some especially comical names) soon after which Jirou will hand more than the remaining piece to saying the treasure, the “Treasury” critical.

The “Treasury”

Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Empty Treasury

Jirou will then lead you to the “Treasury” the place where the key and the old stone slates will grant you entry only to uncover a whole large amount of almost nothing a great deal. You will obtain some wheat and veggies, but none of the weapons or income Jirou promised. Following providing to choose Jirou’s home, his mother and father reveal the truth of the matter of the “Treasury” — it was a previous grainery simply because in difficult moments, food is a treasure. On the other hand, they are not going to allow you go away empty-handed.

Genshin Impact Stone Slate Screenshot Heirloom Blade

Right after more than several unkind terms about their son, the Saimons give you their conquer-up previous heirloom sword, together with the style important to reforge it. Genshin Impact: You can expect to also stroll absent 60 primogen richer. You can even return to the Saimon’s residence later to locate Jirou a modified gentleman.

The sword alone is reasonably priced to forge, utilizing a Northlander sword billet, 50 white iron chunks, and 50 amethyst lumps. Genshin Impact: While there are quality swords that are much better performance-wise for Ayaka, this one in particular is terrific and it is really a katana, so definitely the coolest hunting blade to give to the snow princess.

Questions about the Farmer’s Treasure and the previous stone slates in Inazuma?

Genshin Impact: Do you have any inquiries about getting the aged stone slates in Inazuma and finishing the Farmer’s Treasure World quest? Drop them in the remarks underneath and be sure to verify our other Genshin Effect guides to get the most out of your journey through Teyvat!

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