GSD Android Too

GSD Android Tool: A Tools To build RvSecuRitY and repair Android devices

What is RvSecuRitY?
– We succeeded in 2014 by modifying the kernel, unlocking the Android device without clearing the data
– Then we began mass production of these kernels for each Android device We put the names of these kernels “RvSecuRitY” (Remove Security)
– We added the button for making these kernels to this software. you can drop boot.img to input section and get remove screen lock kernel very easy And write it by flasher(Odin , Spflashtool, and more … ) on the device
– This tool unlock all encrypted data partition w/o data loss
– This method no need to twrp or root , you just need orginal boot.img (that you can extract from orginal firmware)

The capabilities of this software:
GSD Android Tool V1.0.0.0

Adb Mode 

  • Read Full info
  • check root device
  • format Device adb Mode [need Root]
  • Samsung exit Factory/Safe Mode [need Root]
  • adb Bypass All Screen Lock [need Root]
  • adb Bypass Frp Adb Mode [w/o root]
  • adb Remove Gmail Account [need Root]
  • adb S-health Knox Error Fix [need Root]
  • adb Multi language Sony 2010 to 2015 [need Root]
  • adb multi language Huawei 2010 to 2015 [need Root]
  • adb multi language All htc Device [need Root]
  • adb Multi language All Samsung Device [need Root]
  • flash all android device in sideload mode

fastboot Mode

  • Reboot the adb to any mode
  • Reboot the adb to any mode
  • Fastboot Read Full Info
  • Fastboot Format Device
  • Fastboot Frp Reset (format device)
  • Flash Boot, Recovery, System , Userdata , Splash , Radio, Modem In fastboot mode
  • htc Get identifier Token
  • htc Unlock Code By unlock_code.bin
  • bootlader Unlock Any android device By code

RvSecuRitY (Unlock Screen lock Without losing data)

  • RvsecuRitY Maker Any device Sony, Htc, Huawei, Samsung and more … for Unlocking All code Without losind data

What do we need for create rvsecurity?

  • just boot.img Special device

Warning RvSecuRitY

  • With this method knox changed and Warranty will be loss
  • And also in some cases because select wrong boot from other model you get bootloop
  • That you can write orginal boot to fix your boot loop



Video of RvRecurity created by this tool for unlock without loss any data


GSD Android Tool

GSD Android Tool

GSD Android Tool

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