How To Bypass FRP Google Account On Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus (TB-7703)

How to bypass FRP Google account on Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus (TB-7703)


(Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus (TB-7703)In the ever-evolving world of technology, ensuring the security of our devices is paramount. However, there may be instances when you need to bypass the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on your Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus (TB-7703). In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process step by step, making it easy to understand for users of all levels.

Understanding FRP:

Before we dive into the bypassing process, let’s grasp the concept of FRP. Factory Reset Protection is a security feature designed to protect your device and personal information. It requires you to verify your Google account after a factory reset. While this is an excellent security measure, there are legitimate reasons why you might need to bypass it on your Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus.

Step 1: Preparation is Key To successfully bypass FRP on your Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus, you need to ensure you have the necessary tools and a stable internet connection. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A computer or smartphone with internet access
  • A USB cable to connect your Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus to the computer or smartphone
  • A bit of patience and focus

Step 2: Download Necessary Tools Navigate to the official website or reputable sources to download the essential tools for FRP bypass on Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus. Make sure to only use trusted sources to avoid any potential risks to your device.

Step 3: Connect Your Device Using the USB cable, connect your Lenovo TAB3 7Plus to your computer or smartphone. Ensure a stable connection to avoid any interruptions during the process.

Step 4: Enable Developer Options Access the Developer Options on your Lenovo TAB3 7Plus by tapping the build number multiple times in the device’s settings. This step is crucial for allowing the necessary changes to be made to the system.

Step 5: Allow USB Debugging Within the Developer Options, enable USB debugging. This allows your computer or smartphone to communicate with your Lenovo TAB3 7Plus effectively.

Step 6: Run the Bypass Tool Launch the downloaded bypass tool on your computer or smartphone. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully, and the tool will guide you through the bypassing process.

Step 7: Reboot Your Device Once the bypass process is complete, reboot your Lenovo TAB3 7Plus. You should now be able to access your device without encountering the FRP prompt.


Bypassing FRP on your Lenovo TAB3 7 Plus may become necessary in certain situations. By following these simple steps, you can successfully navigate through the process without compromising the security of your device. Always remember to use trusted sources for tools and follow the instructions carefully. This guide aims to make the FRP bypass process accessible to users of all levels, ensuring a smooth experience in regaining access to your Lenovo TAB3 7Plus.

# Method 1:

  1. Download and extract: Lenovo_TB-7703_FRP.rar
  2. Install driver: QDLoader_HS-USB_Driver.rar
  3. Install:  QPST_2.7-00437.1.rar (25M)
  4. Click “QFIL” to open the flashing menu
  5. Setting as below:
    – Build Type: Flat Build
    – Programmer Path: select the below file from the image package. (
    – Load XML: select the responding (rawprogram0.xml and patch0.xml files)
  6. Change the device to get into QDLoader 9008 downloading mode from the below method.
    – Method: Power off the device, press down both the Volume UP Key and Volume DOWN Key and Power Key at the same time, release all keys after vibrating, and then connect the USB cable to the PC.
    – You will see the below port information if get into QDLoader 9008 mode successfully.
    – Click the “Download” button to start the image flashing until downloading is finished.


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