Stock ROM / Firmware For OnePlus 9RT

OnePlus 9RT


In the vibrant world of smartphones, the OnePlus 9RT shines as a beacon of technological brilliance. Today, let’s embark on a journey to demystify the significance of Stock ROM and Firmware for the OnePlus 9RT, understanding how these elements contribute to the device’s seamless performance and user experience.

The term “Stock ROM” or “Firmware” refers to the pre-installed version of the operating system by the device manufacturer. It is the original firmware that accompanies a device and can be utilized to restore it to its default settings.

OnePlus 9RT Stock Firmware is beneficial for resolving various issues including being stuck on the logo screen, FRP lock, entering fastboot mode, encountering a blank or white display after flashing, recovery failure, and device malfunction after flashing. It’s important to note that Stock ROMs are usually specific to a particular device and cannot be used interchangeably among different devices.


OTA Updates:

EDL/9008 Packages:

Downgrade packages:


How to

  • Unbrick tool (fastboot) – use fastboot tab, you have to extract payload.bin: QLMFlasherTRIALV1.7.rar | OneDrive
  • Fastboot Operations:
    • use fastboot enhance from
    • avoid payload.bin flash (there are many hardbrick in op10 pro after flashing payload.bin)
    • don’t flash a file that belong to bootloader in most cases it’s a .mbn or .bin file

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