How To Remove “Please Call Me” For Samsung S8+ (G955N)

Samsung S8+ (G955N)

How to Remove “Please Call Me” for Samsung S8+ (G955N)


Samsung S8+ (G955N) users may encounter the frustrating “Please Call Me” message on their devices, preventing them from using certain features. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to remove this message and regain full control of your Samsung S8+ (G955N). Say goodbye to interruptions and let’s dive into the solution.

Understanding the “Please Call Me” Message:

The “Please Call Me” message usually appears when someone has tried to reach you, but for some reason, the call didn’t go through. This feature is designed to prompt you to return the call, but it can be bothersome when it lingers on your screen, affecting your overall user experience.

Step 1: Accessing the Dialer App To start the process, unlock your Samsung S8+ (G955N) and locate the dialer app on your home screen or in the app drawer. The dialer is represented by a phone icon, making it easily recognizable.

Step 2: Entering the USSD Code Once the dialer is open, you’ll need to enter a specific USSD code to access the service menu. Type *#0808# and press the call button. This code will take you to the USB settings menu, a crucial step in removing the “Please Call Me” message.

Step 3: Select the Appropriate Option In the USB settings menu, look for the ‘DM+ACM+ADB’ option. Tap on it to enable this setting, allowing you to access the hidden functionalities needed to remove the persistent message.

Step 4: Download and Install Odin Software Before proceeding further, download and install Odin software on your computer. Odin is a tool commonly used for Samsung devices and is essential for the next steps in resolving the issue.

Step 5: Connect Your Samsung S8+ (G955N) to Your Computer Using a USB cable, connect your Samsung S8+ (G955N) to your computer. Ensure that Odin recognizes your device by checking for a blue COM number in the Odin software. This indicates a successful connection.

Step 6: Flashing the Stock Firmware Download the appropriate stock firmware for your Samsung S8+ (G955N) model from the official Samsung website. In Odin, click on the ‘AP’ button and select the downloaded firmware file. Click ‘Start’ to initiate the flashing process.

Step 7: Wait for the Process to Complete Patience is key during the flashing process. Allow Odin to complete the firmware installation, and once finished, your Samsung S8+ (G955N) will reboot without the annoying “Please Call Me” message.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully removed the “Please Call Me” message from your Samsung S8+ (G955N). By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a seamless user experience without interruptions. Always ensure to use official firmware and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any potential issues. Now, go ahead and explore your Samsung device without the hindrance of persistent messages.



  1. Download and install driver
  2. Download the Please Call Me file and extract it, we’ll have 2 files: EFS and COMBINATION.
  3. Using Odin for flash EFS file
  4. Then, continue to flash the COMBINATION file
  5. Final, flash full rom > successful
    1. SK Telecom:
      – Android 7: (2,9G)
      – Android 8: (3,3G)
    2. KT Corporation:
      – Android 7: (2,9G)
      – Android 8: (3,3G)
    3. LG Uplus:
      – Android 7: (2,9G)
      – Android 8: (3,2G)


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