Adobe Photoshop 2023

This photo editing tool is probably no stranger anymore, so I don’t type anything more. The Beta version has integrated a very good Generate Fill using AI technology. If you need to experience, install

Adobe Photoshop is a renowned raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc. for both Windows and macOS platforms. Here are key points about Adobe Photoshop:

  1. History: Originally created in 1987 by Thomas and John Knoll, Photoshop has evolved into the industry standard for digital image manipulation.Features: Photoshop offers a plethora of features for image editing, compositing, and graphic design. These include layers, masks, filters, and a wide array of tools for retouching, cropping, and transforming images.
  2. Text Editing: Users can add and edit text within Photoshop documents using the Text/Type tool. Text must be on a type layer for editing, and options include font selection, size adjustment, and text effects.
  3. 3D Text Effects: Photoshop allows users to create remarkable 3D text effects through techniques like rasterizing text layers, applying layer styles, and utilizing various filters and adjustment layers.
  4. Simple 3D Text: For beginners, creating simple 3D text effects in Photoshop is achievable through tutorials and step-by-step guides. These tutorials cover basic techniques for adding depth and dimension to text.
  5. Font Selection: Photoshop offers a wide range of fonts for text manipulation. Users can access different fonts through the Text/Type tool and select fonts that suit their design needs.


How to install & activate

To be sure of success, use the Adobe Cleaner Tool to open up and select Clean All.

1-Step: Apple Silicon with Adobe ACC Runtime installed, and Intel installs AntiCC v5.9 (OneDrive | Backup)

2-Step: Run the Install.command file > Press y and then Enter > enter the password and wait for the installation to finish

3-Step: (Important) After installation, do not run P4tch but open Photoshop. A Login screen will appear like this:

Select Login with Google (or Apple, Facebook whatever). It’s okay to use an expired account. After logging in, it will display the “Let’s get you…” screen, then close the application.

The login account should have a Location of US. To be sure, you go to and register a new account, while registering note the following: 
- Country/Region: United States
- Date of birthday: >18 years

4-Step: Run the P4tch file as usual.

If you encounter any errors:

  1. Open the Adobe Cleaner Tool and select Clean all.
  2. Open CleanMyMac > Select the Uninstaller tab > Type “adobe” into the search box, see if there are any remaining Apps with the word Adobe then remove
Adobe Photoshop
DOWNLOAD MORE: Adobe Photoshop 2024 – Free download for macOS

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