Bypass FRP for VIVO Y55/Y55L (PD1613F)

Bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on VIVO Y55/Y55L involves several methods demonstrated in online tutorials. These methods aim to unlock the device when the user forgets their Google account credentials after a factory reset. Here are common steps found in various tutorials:

Bypass FRP for VIVO Y55/Y55L

  1. YouTube Tutorials:
    • Videos like “VIVO Y55/Y55L/vivo1603 FRP Bypass” provide step-by-step guides on bypassing FRP by using specific tools or methods.
    • 1 Video Link
    • Other videos, like “REMOVE PATTERN LOCK & FRP LOCK VIVO Y55L CM2,” offer alternative approaches to bypassing FRP protection.
    • 2 Video Link
  2. Hard Reset and Password Unlock:
    • Tutorials like “Vivo Y55 Hard Reset Password Unlock Pin Pattern” demonstrate hard reset methods to unlock the device, potentially bypassing FRP.
    • 3 Video Link.
  3. Google Account Bypass:
    • Videos like “Vivo Y55 Google Account Bypass | Y55 FRP Unlock” showcase methods specifically designed to bypass the Google account verification step.
    • 4 Video Link.
  4. Tool-Based Solutions:
    • Tutorials, such as “Vivo Y55s – Also Work on All Vivo (Very Easy) New Tool,” may introduce specific tools or software solutions for FRP bypass on VIVO Y55 / Y55L.
    • 5 Video Link.
    • “Vivo Y55s-Y55 password pattern pin unlock & FRP” demonstrates using tools for password, pattern, pin unlock, and FRP bypass.
    • 6Video Link.



Run tool with “Run as administrator

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