How To Empower Do Not Disturb On Your Chromebook

(Empower Do Not Disturb)Chromebooks have come a long way because these PCs debuted in 2011. Even though at first considered as a lower-price laptop that were only good for searching the world wide web, now, they are impressive adequate that several persons use them as a total-time do-the-job laptop computer. No matter, if you are making use of your Chromebook for college, your work, or entertainment, receiving a bunch of notifications, can easily distract you from the job at hand. This is why knowing how to empower Do Not Disturb on your Chromebook can genuinely be advantageous — and very good news, it can be uncomplicated to do.

How to allow Do Not Disturb on your Chromebook

There are a good deal of great Chromebook strategies and tricks, and being equipped to convert on the Do Not Disturb setting can be just the ticket to maintaining sanity when seeking to get something completed on your computer.

  1. Power on your Chromebook.
  2. Simply click on the clock in the reduced-appropriate of the display screen.
  3. Select the icon that appears to be like like a no entry (⛔) symbol.

By subsequent these ways, you can be in a position to keep all notifications from interrupting what you are performing. Retain in mind that until eventually you disable Do Not Disturb by clicking on the icon yet again, all notifications will be retained from popping up. This is effective much like it does on your Android mobile phone and will not block your Chromebook from obtaining notifications, but it will quit the distracting pop-ups from them.

How to block notifications from a precise app on your Chromebook

If there is a particular application that is continually pinging you, wanting your notice, you could desire to only to block notifications from that distinct application — here is how.

  1. Stick to methods 1 and 2 from previously mentioned.
  2. Click on the arrow below the Do Not Disturb icon.
  3. Uncheck the bins beside the applications you want to cease notifications from.

Unchecking the box for a specific app will no longer make it possible for that app to notify you on your Chromebook. Identical to the Do Not Disturb placing, if you want to enable that application to begin notifying you yet again, you may just be required to repeat the higher-than steps and recheck the box for that app.

Chromebooks are excellent equipment in lots of methods, from typical updates to sync with your cell phone — Chromebooks can do a great deal. Considering that these exceptional features are offered on the best Chromebooks to even a good spending budget Chromebook like the Lenovo Chromebook Flex 3, you can have as substantially or as very little of your Google account with you as you get both of those to do the job and participate in finished. Additionally, now that you know how to disable those pesky notifications with Do Not Disturb — you can get even more attained on your Chromebook.

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