iA Writer – Specialized editor for macOS

iA Writer is a specialized text editor designed for macOS, known for its simplicity and focus on distraction-free writing. It provides a clean and minimalist interface, allowing users to concentrate on their content without unnecessary distractions. Key features include a customizable markdown editor, seamless integration with iCloud for syncing across devices, and a unique “Focus Mode” that highlights the current sentence to enhance concentration. iA Writer also offers a typewriter-style scrolling feature, ensuring that the text being typed remains centered on the screen. Additionally, it supports various export options, including PDF and HTML, making it a popular choice for writers, bloggers, and anyone who values a streamlined writing experience on the macOS platform.

A better tool doesn’t make a better craftsman, but a good tool makes working a pleasure. iA Writer for Mac is a digital writing tool that makes sure that all your concentration goes into the text instead of the program. iA Writer has no preferences. It is how it is. It works like it works. Love it or hate it. Its unique Focus Mode allows me to think, type and shape one sentence at a time. iA Writer is fast; it works without a mouse. It automatically formats semantic entities such as headlines, lists, bold, strong, block quotes using Markdown syntax.

  • Philosophy: No Preferences – One of our goals was to create a writing app without settings. When opening Writer, all you can do is write. The only options you have are Full Screen and Focus Mode.
  • Signal vs Noise: Focus Mode (patent pending) – In Focus Mode you write one sentence at a time. Why? It’s a common pattern that, instead of following the text’s voice and fleshing it out first, people start editing while still writing the text.
  • Speed: No Mouse – Markdown helps you to format text using the keyboard. It’s easy. You can learn it in 30 seconds. Auto-Markdown automatically formats this Markdown syntax. The advantage is that you don’t need to use your mouse to create semantic structure.


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