How To Bypass iCloud For iPhone 7 / 8 / X – IOS 14.1

(iCloud For iPhone 7)Are you facing the frustration of being locked out of your iPhone 7, 8, or X due to iCloud activation? Worry not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of bypassing iCloud on your iOS device running version 14.1. With simple steps and clear instructions, you’ll regain access to your device in no time.

Understanding iCloud Activation Lock Before diving into the bypassing process, it’s essential to understand what iCloud Activation Lock is and why it can cause inconvenience for iPhone users. iCloud Activation Lock is a security feature designed by Apple to prevent unauthorized access to a lost or stolen device. When enabled, it requires the user to enter their Apple ID and password to activate and set up the device, thus deterring theft and protecting user data.

However, sometimes users encounter situations where they forget their Apple ID credentials or purchase a second-hand device with iCloud Activation Lock enabled. In such cases, bypassing iCloud becomes necessary to regain access to the device and use it without restrictions.

Step 1: Check Device Compatibility The first step in bypassing iCloud on your iPhone 7, 8, or X is to ensure compatibility with the process. This method works specifically for devices running iOS 14.1. If your device is running a different version of iOS, you may need to explore alternative methods or wait for updates to become available.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Tools To successfully bypass iCloud activation, you’ll need a few tools:

  • A computer (Windows or Mac) with internet access
  • iTunes software installed on your computer
  • A USB cable to connect your iPhone to the computer

Ensure that your computer and iPhone are fully charged to avoid any interruptions during the bypassing process.

Step 3: Download Bypass Tool There are several bypass tools available online, but it’s crucial to choose a reputable and reliable one to avoid potential risks to your device and data. Look for tools with positive reviews and a track record of successful bypasses.

Step 4: Connect Your iPhone to Computer Once you’ve downloaded the bypass tool, connect your iPhone to the computer using the USB cable. Launch iTunes if it doesn’t open automatically.

Step 5: Put Your Device into DFU Mode DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is necessary to bypass iCloud activation successfully. Follow these steps to put your iPhone into DFU mode:

  1. Turn off your iPhone completely.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for three seconds.
  3. Without releasing the Power button, press and hold the Home button (for iPhone 7 and 8) or the Volume Down button (for iPhone X) for ten seconds.
  4. Release the Power button while continuing to hold the Home or Volume Down button for another five seconds.
  5. Your iPhone should now be in DFU mode, and iTunes will detect it in recovery mode.

Step 6: Bypass iCloud Activation Once your device is in DFU mode and detected by iTunes, launch the bypass tool on your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions provided by the tool to initiate the iCloud bypass process.

Step 7: Complete Bypass Process The bypass process may take some time to complete, depending on your device and the bypass tool used. Once the process is finished, your iPhone will restart automatically.

Step 8: Set Up Your Device After your iPhone restarts, you’ll be guided through the initial setup process, just like setting up a new device. Follow the prompts on the screen to configure your device settings and personalize it according to your preferences.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Unlocked iPhone Congratulations! You’ve successfully bypassed iCloud activation on your iPhone 7, 8, or X running iOS 14.1. You can now access all the features and functionalities of your device without any restrictions.

In conclusion, bypassing iCloud activation lock on iPhone 7, 8, or X running iOS 14.1 is achievable with the right tools and knowledge. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can regain access to your device and resume using it without any hassle. Remember to exercise caution and use reputable bypass tools to ensure the safety and security of your device and personal data.

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SUPPORTS iOS 12.0 – 14.1


(to check for a MEID, press the “i” button on the Setup Screen)

  • This method supports iOS 14 iCloud Bypass for iPhone 7, 8, and iPhone X!
  • This method supports iOS 12/13 iCloud Bypass for iPhone 5S/6/6S/SE
  • All other iPads/iPods are listed on Checkra. in as compatible with iOS 13 are supported.
  • It is a paid method, but it’s super easy to use and your device will be fully functional.
  • NO need to wait for anyone or anything, the tool works instantly after payment.


Previously, iOS 14 checkra1n was very hard to use, it required a patch and CLI mode to run correctly. But this new method brings back the checkra1n we are all familiar with! And the best part: no need to install checkra1n yourself, it’s pre-bundled with the iCloud Bypass application I show in this video.

This is by far the easiest, most reliable way to give your device an iCloud Bypass that will last forever and never re-lock (unless you update or restore). If you want a free method, see MATRIX on my website, but this way makes your device fully work with all Apple services like iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud Sign-in, and notifications. Plus if you have a GSM device you will get calls and data!

Source: Apple Tech 752

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