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(iPhone 5 / 5C FAST iCLOUD)Have you found yourself locked out of your iPhone 5 or 5C due to iCloud activation? Fret not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of bypassing iCloud activation on these older iPhone models quickly and for free. Say goodbye to frustrating barriers and hello to regaining access to your device.

Understanding iCloud Activation Lock: Before delving into the solution, it’s essential to understand what iCloud activation lock entails. This security feature, introduced by Apple, is designed to prevent unauthorized access to a device in case it gets lost or stolen. While this feature is beneficial for safeguarding personal data, it can become an inconvenience if you forget your iCloud credentials or purchase a used device with an activation lock enabled.

The Need for Bypassing iCloud Activation: The iPhone 5 and 5C, although discontinued, are still in use by many individuals. However, if you encounter an activation lock issue on these devices, it can render them unusable unless the lock is bypassed. Fortunately, there are methods available to bypass iCloud activation on these devices, allowing you to regain access without the need for original credentials.

Fast and Free Solutions: Several methods claim to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone 5 and 5C, but not all are reliable or safe. Here, we’ll focus on a trusted and effective solution that provides a fast and free bypass:

  1. Utilize iCloud DNS Bypass: One of the most popular methods involves leveraging the iCloud DNS bypass technique. This method exploits a loophole in Apple’s security protocols by redirecting the device’s DNS requests to a server that provides partial access to the device’s functions.
  • Restart your iPhone 5 or 5C and proceed with the setup process.
  • When prompted for activation, select the option to configure DNS manually.
  • Enter the following DNS server addresses:
    • For Europe:
    • For the United States:
  • Complete the setup process, and you should gain access to some device functions, including internet browsing and media playback.
  1. Contact Apple Support: If the DNS bypass method doesn’t work or if you prefer an official solution, contacting Apple Support is another option. Explain your situation to them, providing any necessary documentation, and they may be able to assist you in unlocking your device.
  • Provide proof of ownership, such as purchase receipts or original packaging.
  • Apple Support may guide you through the process of unlocking your device remotely.


Being locked out of your iPhone 5 or 5C due to iCloud activation can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the road. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you can bypass iCloud activation quickly and for free, restoring full functionality to your device. Whether you choose to utilize the iCloud DNS bypass method or seek assistance from Apple Support, regaining access to your device is within reach. Say goodbye to barriers and hello to uninterrupted usage of your iPhone 5 or 5C!

Got an iCloud Locked iPhone 5 / 5C? Want to bypass fast and free? You came to the right place! This method shows you how to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock screen after a restore with Sliver 5.5 from appletech752.

This process REQUIRES MacOS High Sierra or Mojave! NOT POSSIBLE on Windows/Linux!

This method is UNTETHERED. That means you can safely reboot, power off, or let your battery completely die, and when you power back on, no relocks!


Q: Can I use the SIM card after this method?
A: NO, the cellular bypass method ONLY supports iPhone 7-X.

Q: Can I download apps from the App Store?
A: YES! WATCH THIS: youtube.com/watch?v=-ooJUww-I1M

Q: If I restore the device after the bypass, will iCloud come back?
A: Yes it will. This method does not affect Activation.
Visit appletech752.com/blog.html to understand why.

Q: Why can’t I sideload H3lix jailbreak?
A: Because the device is bypassed, not activated. See my blog to learn more!

Q: Does this method also support the iPad 4?
A: Yes it does. Follow the same method, using the iPad 4 button in Sliver.

Q: Can I update to the latest iOS version?
A: No, because iOS 10.3.3/10.3.4 IS the latest version for the iPhone 5/5C.

Q: Will this method drain my battery faster than normal?
A: NO! This method does NOT drain your battery!

Q: Is this method any different than the manual SSH commands?
A: No, it’s the same thing, just much faster, easier, and user friendly.

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Source: Apple Tech 752

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