Stock ROM for OPPO Realme Narzo 30A (RMX3171)

(OPPO Realme Narzo 30A)As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, the Realme Narzo 30A is a smartphone that falls within the mid-range segment, offering a balance between performance and affordability. Please note that details may have changed if a new version has been released since then. Here is a general overview based on the information available up to my last update:

  1. Display:
    • The Realme Narzo 30A typically features a large display, likely with an IPS LCD panel.
    • The resolution may be in the HD+ range, providing a satisfactory visual experience for everyday use.
  2. Processor:
    • The device is powered by a MediaTek processor, which is common in many Realme smartphones.
    • The processor is designed to provide a decent level of performance for tasks such as web browsing, social media, and light gaming.
  3. Camera System:
    • Realme Narzo 30A usually comes with a dual-camera setup on the rear, which may include a primary lens and a secondary depth or macro lens.
    • The camera setup is designed to capture decent-quality photos and videos in various conditions.
  4. Battery:
    • The Narzo 30A is known for its robust battery life, featuring a large-capacity battery to ensure all-day usage.
    • It may support fast charging technology to quickly recharge the device.
  5. Design:
    • Realme Narzo 30A typically boasts a sleek and modern design with a plastic build, providing a comfortable grip.
    • It may come in various color options to suit different preferences.
  6. Software:
    • The device runs on Realme UI, which is based on the Android operating system. Realme UI offers additional features and customization options on top of stock Android.
  7. Storage and RAM:
    • The Narzo 30A likely comes with different configurations regarding internal storage and RAM. Users can choose the variant that suits their storage and multitasking needs.
  8. Other Features:
    • Realme Narzo 30A may include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for biometric authentication.
    • It supports standard connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE.

For the most up-to-date and detailed information, it’s recommended to check the official Realme website or consult recent reviews that cover the specifications, features, and performance of the Realme Narzo 30A.


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