Stock ROM / firmware for Motorola Moto Edge X30 (XT2201)


(firmware for Motorola Moto Edge X30 )The Motorola Moto Edge X30 is a feature-packed smartphone that boasts impressive specifications:

  1. Battery Life and Camera Design: Teasers indicate promising battery life, while the camera design includes a notable front-facing shooter, promising enhanced photography experiences.
  2. Specifications: The phone is equipped with powerful hardware, featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 chipset for high-performance capabilities, as observed in performance and gaming benchmark reviews.
  3. Full Phone Specifications: For a comprehensive overview, the full phone specifications can be found on GSM Arena, providing details on the device’s design, display, camera setup, and more.
  4. Design Preview: The Moto X30 Pro, a variant of the Edge X30, showcases an intriguing design with a 200 MP camera and 125W charging, hinting at innovative features that set it apart in the market.
  5. User Review: An honest review on YouTube provides real-world insights into the Motorola Edge X30’s performance and overall user experience.
  6. Benchmark Scores: UL Solutions’ benchmark review gives a numerical comparison of the Motorola Edge X30 against other popular models, offering insights into its performance.


RETCN (hiphid) >
AMXMX (hiphi) >
ATTMX (hiphi) >
OPENPE (hiphi) >
RETAIL (hiphi) >
RETRB (hiphi) >
RETEU (hiphi) >
RETGB (hiphi) >
VZW (hiphi) >
TELEU (hiphi) >
RETIN (hiphi) >
RETAPAC (hiphi) >


# Medthod 1:

  • Download and install driver: Motorola_Mobile_Drivers_32-64.rar
  • Download and extract the rom/firmware above.
  • Download and install RSD Lite tool:
  • Open RSD Lite tool >> click 3 dots “…” in the “Filename” >>> Choose to servicefile.xml or flashfile.xml in the rom/firmware folder.
firmware for Motorola Moto Edge X30
  • Power off your phone >>> reboot to Fastboot Mode >>> connect to PC with USB cable and click Start on the tool.
firmware for Motorola Moto Edge X30

# Medthod 2:

Edit servicefile.xml (or flashfile.xml) to .bat file

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