(STOCK ROM FOR LG MODEL)The backbone of any LG device’s software integrity lies in its Stock ROM. Whether you own an LG smartphone or tablet, understanding the importance of the Stock ROM is crucial for optimal performance and device longevity. STOCK ROM FORLG MODEL In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of Stock ROMs, shedding light on their functions, benefits, and why they play a pivotal role in the LG user experience.

What is a Stock ROM? A Stock ROM, or Stock Firmware, is the official and unmodified operating system that comes pre-installed on LG devices. It serves as the baseline software, providing a stable and consistent platform for the device to run on. This is the firmware straight from the manufacturer, untouched by any third-party modifications.

Key Functions of Stock ROM for LG Models:

  1. System Stability: The primary function of the Stock ROM is to establish and maintain system stability. It ensures that the device operates smoothly without encountering frequent crashes or software malfunctions.
  2. Optimized Performance: Stock ROMs are tailored to work seamlessly with the specific hardware components of LG devices. STOCK ROMFOR LG MODEL This optimization results in enhanced performance, ensuring that the device operates at its full potential.
  3. Security Assurance: LG regularly releases security updates to address potential vulnerabilities. Stock ROM users benefit from timely security patches, safeguarding their devices from emerging threats.
  4. Official Updates: Manufacturers often release software updates containing new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Stock ROM users receive these updates promptly, allowing them to enjoy the latest enhancements without delays.
  5. Warranty Compliance: Modifying a device’s firmware, such as installing custom ROMs, can void the warranty. STOCK ROM FORLG MODEL Using the Stock ROM ensures compliance with the manufacturer’s terms and preserves the warranty for possible future service needs.

How to Obtain and Install Stock ROM for LG Models:

If you’re considering installing or updating your LG device with the Stock ROM, follow these steps:

  1. Identification: Identify the specific model of your LG device. You can find this information in the device settings or on the device itself.
  2. Official Sources:</strong&gt; Visit the official LG support website or contact LG customer support to obtain the official Stock ROM for your device model.
  3. Backup: Before proceeding with the installation, back up your important data to prevent any loss during the flashing process.
  4. Installation Steps: Follow the provided instructions for installing the Stock ROM. This may involve using tools like LG Bridge or LG Flash Tool, depending on your device model.
  5. Verification: After the installation is complete, verify that your LG device is running the latest Stock ROM version. You can check this in the device settings.


In conclusion, the Stock ROM for LG models is the foundation of a reliable and efficient user experience. Its role in ensuring system stability, performance optimization, and security compliance cannot be overstated. For LG device owners, embracing the Stock ROM means embracing a seamless and secure digital journey with the assurance of official updates and manufacturer support.


1. LG V10 Verizon

2. LG L70 (MS323)

3. LG V20 Verizon (VS995)

4. LG G5 (VS987)

4. LG G4 (VS986/Xx)

5. LG G3 (VS985/Xx)

6. LG G2 / LTE-A

7. LG G Vista (VS880xx)

8. LG Stylo 2 V

9. LG Q6 (X600L/S/K)

10. LG K8 Verizon (VS500 / VS500PP)

11. LG Q6 Plus (X600LP/SP/KP)

14. LG (X401L / X401S)

16. LG Stylo 3 (M400DK)

17. LG Stylo 3 (M400F)

18. LG X Power 2 (M320)

19. LG Stylo 3 (M400MT)

20. LG K10 Power (M320TV)

21. LG K10 2017 (M250Y / M250YK)

24. LG K10 2017 (M250K)

25. LG K10 2017 (M250F)

26. LG K10 (M250DS)

29. LG X Mach / Dual (K600 / K600HK)

32. LG X Cam (K580)

34. LG X Max (K240H)

35. LG K10 (K420…)

36. LG K8 (M200E)

37. LG Aristo (M210/M210SV)

38. LG K4 (M151)

39. LG X Power Dual (K220)

40. LG X Power (K220T/F/H/TR/Z)

42. LG X400 (K121/K/S/L)

43. LG K4 Dual (K130…)

44. LG X Power (K210)

45. LG V20 Dual (H990DS)

46. LG K3 (K100)

47. LG V20 (Dual / LTE-A)

48. LG V20 Dual SIM (H990)

49. LG V10

50. LG Q8

51. LG V20 Dual (H990N) 

53. LG G5 (H850)

54. LG G5 SE (DUAL / TD-LTE)

55. LG G5 SE (H840)

56. LG G FLEX 2 (LTE-A)

57. LG G5 (DUAL / LTE)

58. LG Prime Plus 4G Dual ( H522F)


60. Rom LG G4c


62. LG MAGNA Y90



77. LG LEON Y50

80. LG K50s (X540HM)

81. LG G4

82. LG Q60 (X525HA)

83. LG K50s (X540BMW)

85. LG Q60 (X525EAW) 

86. LG Q60 (X525BAW) 

87. LG K10 (K410…)

88. LG K50 (X520BMW)

89. LG X520EMW

92. LG K40S (X430BMW)

93. LG K40S (X430EMW)

94. LG K40S (X430HM)

90. LG G5

91.  LG K40S (X420HM)

97.  LG X420N

98.  LG X420N

99.  LG X420BMW

101.  LG K510EMW

102.  LG K510HM

103.  LG K510ZMW

104.  LG K41S (K410HM) 

105.  LG K41S (K410ZMW) 

106.  LG K41S (K410EMW) 

107.  LG K30 X410UL (X410ULML)

108.  LG X410RC

109.  LG (X410YCW)

110.  LG (X410UM)

111.  LG X4+ (X415K / X415L / X415S)

112.  LG K30 Metro PCS (X410MK)

113.  LG G5 SE (H840).

113.  LG G5 SE (HX410TK (X410TKB)

114.  LG Velvet 5G (G900EM)

115.  LG LG G910EMW

116.  LG K11+ (X410RC)

117.  LG K30 X410UL (X410ULML)

118.  LG K11 Plus X410BCW

119.  LG G FLEX 2 (LTE-A)

120. LG Aristo (MS210)

121. LG K20 Plus (TP260 / TP260BK)

122. LG K10 (MS428 / MS428A)

123. LG Stylo 2 Plus (MS550)

124. LG K8 LTE / Dual (K350…)

125.  LG K40 (X420HM)

126.  LG K40 (X420QM)

127.  LG K40 (X420TM)

128.  LG K40 (X420ZM)

129. LG K10 2017 (M250E)

130. LG K10 2017 (M250H)

131. LG (X510K / X510L / X510S)

132. LG X6 (X625N)

133.  LG K40 (X420EMW)

134. LG Q6 Plus (M700TV)

135. LG Q6 (M700Y)

136. LG Q6 (M700N)

137. LG Stylo 3 Plus (MP450)

138. LG Q6 (M700H)

139. LG Q6 (M700F)

140. LG Q6 (M700DSK)


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