How To Check AirTag Battery On iOS 16 And Replace AirTag Battery

(AirTag Battery On iOS) Apple AirTag is the best Bluetooth tracker for people who use an iPhone. The tracker can be used to track or locate your bags, keys, bikes, and even cars. AirTag comes with easy-to-replace batteries with almost a year-long battery life.

When it is time to replace AirTag battery you can first check AirTag battery on iOS 16 and then take steps to replace it. Fortunately, Apple chose to use a coin cell battery rather than a proprietary battery or a rechargeable battery that is not serviceable.

CR2032 batteries are easier to find at drugstores and supermarkets, so users can easily replace the battery that powers the AirTag.

But how would you know if you require AirTag Battery Replacement? Let’s find out.

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How to find out if it’s time to change AirTag battery

AirTag Battery On iOS

As mentioned earlier, the Apple AirTags battery lasts for almost 12 months. So, you don’t have to worry about the battery level of a new AirTag for one year once you set it up and start using it. Best of all, your iPhone will notify you when the AirTag is running low.

You can check your AirTag battery life right from the Find My app on your iPhone.

Step 1. Open the Find My app.

Step 2. Tap on the Items tab.

Step 3. Next tap on AirTag to check its battery life.

Step 4Low Battery can be seen under the name of your AirTag if the charge is low.

If it shows green, the AirTag battery is full and if the AirTag battery is about to die the icon will turn red. There is no low battery sound on AirTag, but you will hear a chime when a new battery is inserted and replaced.

Here’s how you can replace a new battery.

How to Change AirTag battery

You can follow these steps in order to change AirTag battery yourself.

Step 1. Press down on the polished stainless steel battery cover of AirTag and rotate the cover counterclockwise until it stops rotating.

Step 2. Take out the cover and battery.

Step 3. Insert a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery with the positive side facing up just like you do it in remote control. A chime sound will indicate that the battery is connected. Bear in mind, that CR2032 batteries with bitterant coatings may not work with AirTag or other battery-powered products, depending on the coating alignment concerning the battery contacts.

Step 4. Make sure the three tabs on the cover align with the three slots on the AirTag before replacing the cover.

Step 5. Rotate the cover clockwise again until it stops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What type of battery goes into an AirTag?

Answer: AirTags take CR2032 lithium 3v voin battery that you can easily find in your local stores or purchase them on Amazon.

Question: What happens when AirTag battery dies?

Answer: When AirTag battery dies you will AirTag will stop working. But before that you will get a notification on your iPhone that AirTag battery needs replacing. You can also check if AirTag battery is low by going into the Find My app.

Question: Can I easily change AirTag batteries at home?

Answer: Yes, you can easily change AirTag battery at home. Just follow the steps given i nthe article above.

To Conclude

You will need to replace the battery using the aforementioned guide when AirTag low battery warning pops up. After replacing the AirTag battery, breathe a sigh of relief as you won’t need to change it for a long time.

If you have any questions in mind, feel free to leave a comment.

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